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Projects 2001 - Children's Television Drama
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2000/2001 - Children's Television Drama

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Cybergirl   26 x 24 minute miniseries
Jonathan M Shiff Productions Pty Ltd and Daniel Scharf Productions Pty Ltd (PC); Jonathan M Shiff, Kay Ben-M’Rad (EP); Daniel Scharf, Jonathan M Shiff (P); Mark DeFriest, Michael Carson (D); David Phillips, Helen MacWhirter, Barbara Bishop, Peter Kinloch, Everett De Roche, Annie Fox, Charlie Strachan (W)
When Cybergirl, Prototype 6000, plunges from space into the world of young Jackson Campbell, she changes his life and the fate of River City forever.
Principal Cast: Ania Stepien, Craig Horner, Septimus Caton, Peter Mochrie
FFC Participation: $5,200,493
Sales & Distribution: France Animation
Broadcasters: Network Ten, Disney Channel Australia, ZDF

The Escape of the Artful Dodger   13 x 30 minute miniseries
The Producers Group Pty Ltd/ Grundy (PC); Andrew Brooke, Roger Mirams (EP); Roger Mirams (P); Howard Rubie (D); David Philips, Karen Peterson, Robert Loader (W)
Introduced in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist as the ‘Artful Dodger’, Jack Dawkins is a fast-talking, young pick-pocket who comes to realise that his voyage from London to Australia may not just mean an escape, but an opportunity to be a hero.
Principal Cast: Luke O’Loughlin, Hannah Schuller, Rowan Witt
FFC Participation: $2,437,762
Sales & Distribution: NDR
Broadcasters: Nine Network, NDR

Outriders   26 x 24 minute miniseries
Southern Star Entertainment (PC); Noel Price, Herman Florin, Kris Noble (EP); Noel Price, Dennis Kiely (P); Kevin Dobson, Russell Burton (D); David Ogilvy, Chris Roache, Linden Wilkinson, John Thompson, Kym Goldsworthy, Rhett Walton (W)
A group of kids, living and working on a horse-riding property on the outskirts of Sydney, become involved in a series of mysteries, intrigues and adventures.
Principal Cast: Louise Helm, Abbie Cornish, Oliver Ackland, Simon Scarlett
FFC Participation: $3,248,427
Sales & Distribution: Southern Star
Broadcasters: Nine Network, NdF

Short Cuts   26 x 30 minute miniseries
Burberry Productions Pty Ltd (PC); Ewan Burnett (EP); Margot McDonald (P); David Swann, Elise McCreadie, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Liz Hughes, Moira Moss, Karl Zwicky (D); Marieke Hardy (W)
Depicts a group of young people facing the normal challenges of growing up - in and out of school -using a video camera to learn about their lives.
Principal Cast: Mathew Green, Gemma Bishop, Leah de Niese, Alex Tsitopoulos, Damien Bodie, Lucia Smyrk, Katie Burns, Dylan Gray, Joel Gray, Alex Cappelli.
FFC Participation: $4,235,583
Distribution: Entertainment Rights PLC
Broadcasters: Network Seven, Disney Channel UK,